Welcome to the Court of Kings

Of all the places she could have ended up while dreaming, Athanasia Emberose somehow landed herself in the fantastical realm of Alfheim, the chimerical world of the demi-gods of Celtic mythology, both malevolent and benign. Luckily, she isn't stuck there, for with the help of a beautiful stranger she is able to safely return to her body on Earth. However, to her great surprise and alarm, that visit wouldn't be the last, as ensuing dreams take her to the Court of Kings and a plethora of other extraordinary regions within the realm, each woven by the whim of some ominous fate—a fate that seems indifferent to whether she wants to be there or not. During her night travels, which always seem to bring her to the aforementioned stranger, she ends up meeting and befriending the most entertaining group of individuals she's ever across.

1st Book: il Somniatum

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